Men spend 30000 to buy sent: “lamborghini” came

(the original title: 30000 pieces of online shopping “lamborghini” luxury dream

round Just sent) on the

Owns a luxury car is a lot of people yearning.And in order to round own dream, jingz

hou has an ultra running fan, in the online purchase a fake “lamborghini”, and head h

eld high on the road again.Don’t ChengXiang and car is just out, was stopped by traffic police to the emergency.

Look from the appearance, the “lamborghini” is very cool, but it is smaller t

han real car obviously a number.When the police asked the

car drivers to accept checks, but the driver delay half a day, is not willing to hand over the car keys.

A delay, the driver is ultimately to hand over the car keys, people and cars have been taken to a police brigade, to accept the penalty.

Rumours!Fina decided that sun, sun lawyer statemen

Mr.zhang qihuai Beijing lanpeng law firm lawyers in accordance with law, accepts The commission of The sun, on January 27, 2019, The British Sunday Times The Su

nday Times on sun in violation of The regulations on The world anti-doping inaccurate reports, face a lifetime ban formally lawyer statement is as follows:

Sun data figure photography: ping

Late on September 4, 2018, three IDTM company staff to sun shelter to race against the doping test, the whole ins

pection process there are a number of irregularities: first, including blood test officer, urinalysis officer, three workers ar

e unable to provide IDTM company for the inspection of authorization files;Second, blood test and urine test of

ficer are unable to provide the anti-doping prosecutors qualification ce

rtificates, and blood tests can’t provide the nurse practice certificate;Third, the three crew members in the inspection re

port false statements, malicious invention sun in violation of the fact that the world anti-doping regulations.

Then IDTM company will be three workers false report submitted to fina.On No

vember 19, 2018 fina in lausanne, Switzerland on the matter for 13 hours of he

aring, the lawyers attended the hearing, sun, sun and IDTM company evidence accepted asking per capita.On Ja

nuary 3, 2019 fina decision, cognizance sun there is no violation of the world anti-doping regulations.

Tesla factory for violating six regulations finedmeasures,

Tesla for six labor rights issues related with the California factory was fined more than $29000.The ticket by the occu

pational safety and health (Cal – OSHA), the department said tesla before build GA4 outdoor facilities have not o

btained permits, etc.Specific total fines up to $29365.Open questions around the automakers for assembly structure, it is rep

orted that the company violated California six labor laws and regulations, inc

luding failure to check whether facilities security problems.

Besides the above problems, the Cal OHSA claimed that tesla failed to cover or plac

e GA4 facilities within the openings, failed to train employees to prevent and de

al with fever, and to protect workers from exposure of rebar and the dangers of metal bar and so on.

Finally, California officials said, in the event of an emergency, tesla’s failure to train a sufficient number of workers to h

elp evacuate from GA4 other employees.Tesla to appealed against the pu

nishment, the company think tickets around the preventive safety measures, rather than any real safety accident.

Messi continue searching calling for Sarah: as long a

Tiger flapping on January 26 Barcelona star Lionel messi request for fellow

Sarah’s search and rescue work, and to Sarah to send blessings.

Despite a number of professionals, said Sarah the chances of survival is smaller, b

ut many players also called continues to Sara on search and rescue.Messi also joined the camp.He on social networking s

ites, for “as long as there is a chance, ask you not to give up the rescue Sarah, support of Sarah’s family and friends.”

Cardiff new signing private plane lost event touched the hearts of the football a

ll guernsey, police announced last night in Beijing time is no longer the plane to Sar

a for search and rescue.More than announced after the Argentine star called for, please don’t give up on their co

mpatriots Sarah’s search and rescue, Barcelona star Lionel messi in the personal social media also called for the event.

Sarah’s the plane disappeared in across th

e English channel, Sarah’s compatriot Lionel messi hopes to make every effort to rescue workers continue to search and re

scue, don’t give up, although there have been the expert points out, has little Sarah’s survival probability.

Wu Xuanyi fans to donate 500000 to build hope hospi

Wu Xuanyi everyone should know?She was the girl Joy group membership official debut, in South Korea has a lot of influence.Began to domestic de

velopment, and then she would have attended the “101” talent show, when in the finals she to stand out from the s

econd, made his debut as members of the rocket young girl.Wu Xuanyi belongs to sweet type of, is all the time keep b

right smile sunny girl.But soon out of her girl announced his retirement from the rockets, then can be really scared a lot

of fans, also let many people poking fun at her behavior, then Wu Xuanyi regression rocket girl again.

Although Wu Xuanyi sing good dance dance well, too, her fans who ability is be

yond your imagination.Recently, Wu Xuanyi fan fan club donated RMB 500000 to the China youth development fo

undation, a wish: used in hainan province in Wu Xuanyi hometown has contributed to the hospital.It is reported, thi

s is for January 26 Wu Xuanyi prepared the upcoming birthday who project, later will continue to pay close att

ention to follow up.Stay hope after the completion of the hospital, to see it as a Wu Xuanyi long-term public welfare pr

oject, the fans continue to other activities related donation and neediest cases, it was a love who!

It is reported, the donation will be built with preventive care, medical services and

health administrative three big functions of towns and townships.Will fo

cus on improving the local medical environment, abundant diagnostic methods, improve the level of diagnosis a

nd treatment and diagnosis accuracy, especially to strengthen the construction of maternal and child health care, c

hildren’s medical and health, and other functions, to local patients to provide more quality services.

Beijing commercial housing “enlarge recruit” evade res

ent inspection, found that is located in fangshan district Zhu

oXiu north street green space yue mansion project marketing center is a N

oah’s ark of Beijing star original create asset management co., LTD., set up without authorization, not the project d

evelopment enterprise green group Beijing Beijing real estate co., LTD., established the record sales.Law en

forcement officers on the spot to shut down the marketing center, and demanded that the star was to create a r

emoval of publicity materials, demolition of marketing assets company sign.

The commission for the figure of Beijing

Survey found that star in March 2016 the original create asset companies to buy green yue mansion Noah’s ark 231 homes as

the internal staff use, its private sales site, after allegedly exists in the form of transfer of ownership of foreign sales its pu

rchased homes.Living building law enforcement will be illegal problems of market regulators for its further in

vestigation processing.In addition, the law enforcement officers in the original fragrance of fangshan district road green sp

ace of Noah’s ark residence record sales sites for inspection, found that the problems of public information is not co

mplete sales site, built punishment law enforcement will be put on record, to limit its online sign up.

Taobao PanPei malicious complaints Court ruled that

Wang mou on taobao runs a direct-mail overseas sports clothes, there are some fore

ign famous sports leisure clothing brand.At the end of 2016, wang mou of sto

res have been uncovered.Taobao complaints according to each other, do the shelves with goods involved.

Wang mou refuses, he offers to prove their business goods from overseas direct mail to the corresponding evidence to ap

peal, taobao to restore involved brand goods shelves.Each other again launched complaints, and submit the relevant c

ertificate of registered trademark rights, brand company statement and related report, claimed that he is the holder of th

e brand, the brand has never been authorized wang mou shop business, sell clothing for counterfeit goods.

Given a series of rights has been proved that taobao to wang mou involved goods shelves again, and the shops were right pu

nishment.Wang mou monthly sales from 8 million yuan per month or ten thousand yuan only.Wang mou un

willing, then investigate the complainant, surprising results.The complainant jiang is sichuan people, also is

the taobao sellers, and sell the clothes and wang mou overseas direct mail for the same brand.

The most bizarre is one for online store sell fakes, jiang has been in sichuan local into the judicial process.Jiang a so-called “br

and authorization” is false, seal is SiKe, authorization documents were false.Weak that is to say, sell fake goods w

ith a set of counterfeit materials as the holder of the sellers on taobao complaints with the brand.

Malignant casualties of two children in Suzhou, Anhui Provi

According to the official micro-blog of Longqiao Branch of Suzhou Public Security

Bureau, a malignant case happened in Fuli To

wn of Longqiao District on January 24, 2019. Victims Yang Mouwei (female, 9 years o

ld) and Yang Moutian (male, 5 years old) died after rescue. Victims Chen Mounan (femal

e, 32 years old, mother of Yang Mouwei and Yang Moutian) were being treated and th

eir lives were not in danger. After interrthe murder. At pr

ang (male, 33 years old, Fuli Town, Longqiao District) confessed that many yea

rs ago, he and the victim’s family had a sense of contradiction and hatred for the triv

ial things in their neighborhood, and retaliated for the murder. At present, the case is being further investigated.

Han Gengxin films were removed from files, I really

  Han Gengxin films were removed from file is how to return a resp

blicized on the Internet.Today was released the film from file message, han

geng and I also expressed frustration ove

r the Internet.Han geng return home till now, this is the

first time in a public platform said the low mood, it is un

derstood that this is not the first time that the detective hawthorne’s withdraw the

documents, today’s withdraw file is the second time, actor effort has not been retu

rned really love dearly, Han Gengxin film were removed from file is also caused the netizens’ hot!

  Really heartrending, drag drag film agai

n, small make up all feel tired heart, a good actor is always willing to so much

effort for movies, it’s really love han gen

g.New scene shot has been tense, squeeze time, run notice han geng, really is any

activity in the propaganda, the m

ovie will be immediately, is party time and again, again, has long been rinse han

geng, as an actor can really do it, all all, all

cooperate party, no publicity, withdraw file for many times, love han geng efforts to pay.

  New Year films market competition is too fierce, “detective hawthorne” this

movie is directed by zhou spreads, chi-lon

g to writer, han geng, Yin Zheng, candy chang, carina lau, xiao-dong guo, gain fung, actor, also provided, your so

ng, Zhang Yiqian star co-stars.Can be seen from the cast, the film should be no difference.The film adapted from the no

vel hawthorne entertaining, the adaptation of new overhead, the original s presents a whole new world view, sh

owing the famous legendary detective hawthorne investigation experience,

collection of modern fashion, fantasy, sus

pense, action, etc. Various elements through the film to create a new aesthetic concepts of Chinese cinema.

  But who know the real reasons behin

d, because the film is said to have problems suddenly withdraw, pay so much effort for film, film and so was for

ced to withdraw, and also do more than the busy propaganda so much effort, han geng this is a bad word get.Han geng ha

s always been a very hard very dedicated actor, don’t know the movie repeatedly withdraw file is called.Niche, ha

n geng is not flow through the ups and downs, there are also netizens have said love support han geng, no matter how h

an geng has been the best.Han geng then post “heart tired, helpless,” said han geng’s studio was said “we try our best.

But until now also not an official reason, do you know the integrity of the film from the real reasons behind?

Retired teachers in colleges and universities in “rou

  Retired teachers in colleges and universities in the original title 】 【 “routin

e” loan: sign a loan contract are required to sign the sale and purchase contract when borrowing becomes “deposit”

  3.5 million property is 950000 sets

  Borrowing 20000 yuan, less than half a year wa

s 750000 yuan.The contract amount is borrowing 10 times, top individual daily inter

est was 100%;In just two months, more than 80 – year – old retired teacher at the univ

ersity of couples lost a suite of guangzhou tianh

e district, the market price of more than 350 ten thousand yuan, “routine is borrowed” gang on $950000 grab it…

  21, reporters learned from the people’s procuratorate of guangdong provi

nce, guangzhou huadu district people’s proc

uratorate in accordance with the law rec

ently for a five people “routine is borrowed” gang arrested on suspicion of fraud for approval.The gang on 88 vict

ims since 2016, successively fraud, the amoun

t is up to more than 3200 ten thousand yuan, also to defraud the victim property at 24 and other property.

  Prosecutors said the “routine” loan is premeditated organised crime, strong concealment and confusing, and often there is not enough to recognize the risks of the victim and preparation, once was, light with large debts, or may break.”Routine is borrowed” to the victim, as it were, individuals and their families and the society has brought great harm, “it is a social cancer.With the aid of the case, the prosecutor, told reporters found “routine is borrowed” 6 kinds of crimes.

  Prosecutors revealed “routine is borrowed” six methods

  To send “advertising”, such as call way to solicit the victim

  The criminal suspect is usually in the so-called “unsecured, non-interest bear

ing” “lending fast, instant to account” banner to attract potential customers, such as through private veh

icles in a public place, lending to a group of small ads, dial telephone harassment, promote its loan prod

ucts.In addition, they will still be in WeChat group, QQ, weibo and other network platform with these ads, once people

believe advertisements and get in touch with, so nine times out of ten of them a “set” in the congregation.